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A different way to think about VOIP

Connectivity alone won’t cut it. Groundwire Voice delivers the flexibility, features, and functionality you need to compete in today’s market. Ideal for Startup or small business who wants a big business presence of having a team or a business tied to one single number.

If you are Medium or Large business email us on or call us on +679 9246911 or +679 6725911 to talk to an expert for a tailor made solutions for your business.

Multiple lines, one phone

Groundwire Voice – think of it as a Virtual Line 2 makes it easy to select the ideal number for your additional phone lines. Choose a Local Fiji Number – ( 7xx xxxx or 9xx xxxx ).

Work anywhere with VoIP phone services

Seamless transition between your cellular network, WiFi and cellular data. Make calls using WiFi when there is no cellular coverage.

Establish your business’s local presence with local numbers

Get closer to your customers even if you are miles away. With Groundwire Voice as Line 2 you can choose to display a local Fiji Number presence. Your customers can then reach you without incurring costs by dialing a local number from anywhere in the world.

Our calls are supported by the backbone of Voice Carrier, the Super Network, a sophisticated communications network. Securely connect to a redundant carrier-grade VoIP network of Tier 1 carriers in more than 100 countries, all from one platform.

Get connected today

Questions? Talk to us we have plans and options available for Startups, Individual, Small business and enterprise.

Groundwire Voice App License

  • 3CX IOS, Android , WIN, Mac – License Per User Month 15$ FJD
  • Voicemail and Missed call Alert on your E-mail
  • Web Meeting
  • Facebook and Live Chat integration to website
  • Work From Anywhere.
  • Includes Support and Maintenance

Groundwire Voice Pricing (Metered):

  • Monthly: $25 per Voice Channel ( Fiji Number )
  • Calls to Landlines Fiji : $0.15 per minute
  • Calls to Mobile Fiji : $0.15 per minute

Groundwire Voice Pricing (Bundle):

  • Monthly: $25 per Voice Channel ( Fiji Number )
  • Bundles from 500 mins to 3000mins
  • Minimum purchase of 2 channels